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Duncan Scott Associates to Work with i-Clean Systems

Duncan Scott Associates is very pleased to announce that it has been given the opportunity to work with i-Clean Systems Ltd; primarily to work on product benchmarking projects, in addition to carrying out best practice benchmarking reviews.  The business improvement and cost management work of Duncan Scott Associates will continue in parallel with this.


i-Clean Systems is a globally recognised benchmarking specialist that has already benchmarked thousands of sites for hundreds of clients.  The move into benchmarking products in the cleaning sector is the next logical step for a business which has built its reputation on a logical and systematic, evidence-based, approach to benchmarking the delivery of cleaning services.  We are thrilled to become involved with this at the launch of the service.

Tender Project Success for Duncan Scott Associates

Duncan Scott Associates is very pleased to announce that a recent tender writing project we were commissioned to carry out, has resulted in success.  Our client a London-based support services business, asked Duncan Scott Associates to write and price a bid for them.  Despite being up against some tough competition in the form of a well-respected incumbent service provider, our work produced a winning solution, which our client has now mobilised.

Duncan Scott Associates' MD Judges in The National Finals

Duncan Scott Associates' MD, Paul Trendall, was one of the judges at the National Final of the Student Negotiation Competition last weekend.  This competition which is held annually under the auspices of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, culminates in the selection of a winner, who will go onto to represent the UK in the International Championship.


After the event Paul commented saying: "It is a privilege to be asked to judge at this level, and a real pleasure to see so many immensely bright young people right at the start of their careers in negotiation, performing to such a high standard, and with such passion.


The standard throughout was high, and so it is a case of a very special "well done" to the team from the University of Cardiff who succeeded in becoming UK Champions".

Duncan Scott Associates' MD Elected as Deputy Chair of IPSA

We are very pleased to announce that Duncan Scott Associates' managing director has been elected to serve as Deputy Chair of the International Professional Security Association ("IPSA").


Commenting on this, Paul Trendall said "It is a great honour to be asked by your peers to serve them in this capacity, especially so as this is IPSA's Diamond Jubilee Year, and a period of transformation for IPSA, as we become ever more relevant in the international security sector."

Duncan Scott Associates Assisting at SCTX 2018 in London

Duncan Scott Associates' managing director will be supporting the International Professional Security Association ("IPSA") at the Security and Counter Terror Expo at Olympia, London, on 6th and 7th March.


Everyone is very welcome to come along to the IPSA stand and say hello, and swap experiences and ideas, as we work together to make to combat the threat to our way of life.

Duncan Scott Associates' MD to judge at the National Student Negotiation Competition

We are honoured to announce that Paul Trendall, Managing Director of Duncan Scott Associates, has been asked to be a judge at the National Student Negotiation Competition, which is run by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution ("CEDR").


This competition brings together some of the brightest and best students from the UK's leading universities and law schools, as they compete for the accolade of being recognised amongst their peers as being the best negotiators.


Commenting on this Paul said, "It is privilege to be asked to judge some of the country's finest young minds, in what is effectively the "University Challenge" of negotiation skills".

Duncan Scott Associates' MD Joins Board of IPSA

We are pleased and honoured to announce that Duncan Scott Associates' MD, Paul Trendall, has been offered and accepted, the opportunity of serving on the board of the International Professional Security Association ("IPSA") as a Non-Executive Director.  The main function of this new role will be to carry out financial oversight of the association's activities.  The role is pro bono.


Commenting on this, Paul said: "IPSA are the world's oldest trade organisation in the security sector, with a great history, and now as it moves into a transformative phase, a very bright future.  I will be working with my colleagues to increase the relevance of IPSA as a trade body, improve the range of services we offer members, and to improve the member experience.  It is a very exciting time, and I will be working with a group of dedicated and passionate people".

Duncan Scott Associates Completes Document Review Project

Duncan Scott Associates has completed a documentation review for a leading multi-service provider of support services.  This was a detailed review of key business documentation which encompassed technical content, use of language, typography and visual attractiveness.  The aim was to make recommendations which would lead to documentation being technically accurate, visually attractive and easy to read and understand.


Commenting on the project, Paul Trendall, MD of Duncan Scott Associates said "Not enough attention is paid to having a suite of business documentation which is both cohesive and fulfils the purpose which it is meant to serve.  This has been a great opportunity for us to get into the DNA of a great business, and make a difference which will be appreciated daily by a wide audience".

Duncan Scott Associates to Manage Web Site Project

Duncan Scott Associates have been engaged by a leading distribution business to project manage the redesign and launch of their new web site.


The project, which has a "Go Live" date in January 2018 will see the replacement of an existing, but dated, site, with one which represents the modern values and operating methods of the client.


Commenting on this project, Paul Trendall, MD of Duncan Scott, commented: "Our brief is to deliver a web site which accurately represents all that is good about our client, captures their values and focus on customer service, and which is delivered at a sensible cost".

Duncan Scott Associates Mediation Services

Following the accreditation of Paul Trendall, Duncan Scott Associates' MD & Principal Consultant as a Mediator by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution ("CEDR"), the world leader in mediation training and accreditation, Duncan Scott Associates are now able to provide commercial and workplace mediation services.  Mediations will be conducted using the methodology of the globally-acclaimed CEDR Model Mediation.


Describing this new service Paul said:


Mediation is the most accessible of all the Alternative Dispute Resolution processes, and is ideal when the parties wish to avoid the crippling costs of litigation; but still be bound by the settlement agreement they reach.  Moreover, it provides the opportunity for the parties to jointly arrived at a solution which they are content with, rather than have one imposed on them by a court, or by arbitration.


At present, mediation will be provided directly by Duncan Scott Associates, but in December 2017 will move into a discrete division; DSA Mediation.

Duncan Scott Associates Wins Mailroom & Logistics Review Project

Duncan Scott Associates has been successful in winning a project to carry out a review of mailroom and logistics service delivery for a leading provider of soft services in central London.


The review will investigate the latest concepts in digitisation, mail tracking solutions and where cost efficiencies can fund investment in these.


Commenting on the award of this project, Paul Trendall, Duncan Scott Associates' Managing Director said:  It wasn't long ago that people were saying that traditional post was dead, killed off by email; even though that was never really the case.  Now, with people working longer hours, and the rise of on-line shopping, corporate mailrooms are handling parcel post like never before, as your place of work becomes the best place for things to be delivered.


Duncan Scott Associates is proud to be trusted with such an important project and is looking forward to being able to propose some innovative solutions which will have a positive impact on this key area of business functionality.

Duncan Scott Associates Awarded Reprographics Review Project

Duncan Scott Associates has been awarded the project to carry out a review of reprographic services by a leading provider of soft-FM services, on behalf of one of their clients; a global leader in the field of medical research.


The review which will encompass cost-efficiency, service delivery and quality of output.  The aim will be to identify improvements which will improve all of these areas.


Starting in October, the project is due to be complete before Christmas.

Duncan Scott Associates Appointed to Carry Out Business Improvement Project

Duncan Scott Associates is very pleased to announce that it has been selected by a leading distributor of cleaning products materials and consumables to carry out a series of business improvement projects.  Scoping work is still underway and will be on-going, but areas of interest identified so far include web-presence, electronic communications and marketing, on-line ordering and stock management.


This is an exciting opportunity to work alongside, and get into the DNA of a highly respected client, and Duncan Scott Associates are proud to be connected with them.

Duncan Scott Associates Awarded Innovation Consultancy Contract

Duncan Scott Associates is pleased to announce that it has been selected by a leading cleaning services business to provide innovation and business improvement consultancy.  Based in London, but with projects across the UK, Duncan Scott Associates will provide advice on the way to improve the quality and productivity of cleaning services.

Maybank Security Appoints Duncan Scott Associates

Duncan Scott Associates is pleased to announce that it has been appointed by Maybank Security, a leading security company in Northern England, to provide CCTV Consultancy, Project Management and Procurement Services on a major electronic security project.

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